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two ounces cringe on TikTok

Almost every company wants to do something with TikTok and supermarkets think they have the ideal ingredient to succeed: generation z.

Supermarkets on TikTok

Many companies would like to do something with TikTok. They know that a young target group can be found there, which they cannot reach through other places. They also know that they need that young target group for the future of the company. So the sum seems clear. There is only one big problem: if you are too old you will not hear on TikTok.

Come on, that’s not entirely true. There are elderly people who do very well on the app. But then you have to be either a ‘daddy’, a self-deprecating mother or an adorable grandpa who does dances.

TikTok is not a place where you post things that you also post on other social media. That does not work. TikTok is a world of its own, for which you have to make special films aimed at young people. If you do that as an older generation, it quickly becomes very uncomfortable. If you try too hard to be hip, the younger generation won’t fall for it.

Dutch films

Supermarkets think they have the solution. They employ ‘generation z’ as hardworking stock fillers and cashiers. In addition to the fact that these young people had to deal with all people who did not comply with the corona measures, they are also dragged in front of the smartphone camera to do something with TikTok.

If you are on TikTok in the Netherlands, the app constantly tries to force Dutch films on you. Then you will automatically come across these supermarkets. Every local Albert Heijn has now shown how they now wear new clothes, and local departments of the Jumbo and Plus are participating in their own way.

Some supermarkets have figured out how to use TikTok in a smart way, but others miss the point. And if the awkwardness makes you too surprised to swipe further, TikTok thinks you like it and you only get more of these videos served.


The problem is that the leaders of these supermarkets are making a mistake. They put the youth out there in front of the camera and not behind the camera. These young, creative souls have to watch the older generation work on the controls and try to edit videos.

Now I can of course describe the videos down to the smallest awkward details, but as the well-known saying goes: a tiktok says more than a thousand snapchats. So take a look for yourself.

My tip: get the young people to work themselves. As long as they stay away from WAP dances in the vegetable department, that should go well. In any case, on TikTok they show how to make much more fun videos in their own way.

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