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Two million users have downloaded Play Malware. Beware of 22 apps

Google removed a total of 22 apps and games from the Play Store. They were specially designed to simulate user behavior and click on ads. The number of infected devices is not very small.

Applications simulated clicks on ads in a special browser window

The ad click simulation worked very sophisticated. So the user does not know that something is wrong. Created a malware special invisible browser window where ads were displayed and malware automatically clicked on them. This happened regardless of whether the infected app or game was running. Malware hurts advertisers, but does not help users themselves.

increased data usage and phone battery . Google has already removed apps and games from Play Store so no one can install them. But if he has already installed the user before, he still remains in the phone. If you have one of the applications or games on your phone, we recommend that you uninstall it immediately have had any of these applications or games.

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