Twitter’s return is just the beginning

Donald Trump could return to Facebook and Instagram after being kicked out in January 2021. A decision on this should be made shortly, explains the Vice President of Facebook. The ex-president has already gotten his Twitter account back, but is not using it.

Donald Trump: Talking about returning to Facebook

In January 2021, Donald Trump lost the Access to their social media accounts. The storming of the Capitol in Washington and his role in it have been cited by Twitter, Meta and Google as the reason for Trump’s suspension. The lock on Facebook and Instagram should apply at least until the beginning of 2023, it said.

Meanwhile, the ex-president’s campaign team is located in talks about a possible return. Trump told US broadcaster Fox News that his team was negotiating with Meta. According to him, we will “see how the whole thing turns out”. Meta also said it would “help a lot” if he returned to Facebook and Instagram (source: FoxNews).

Facebook Vice President Nick Clegg confirmed at the World Economic Forum in Davos that talks were taking place. One Decision on Trump’s return on the platform will fall “soon”. According to Clegg, Facebook parent Meta is obliged to allow controversial discussions. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg had also emphasized in the past that freedom of expression was a great asset for him. It is important for the public to learn about widespread misinformation.

Donald Trump is not found at Mastodon:

Trump: Truth Social instead of Twitter

Already in November 2022 Trump unblocked on Twitterafter Elon Musk took over the platform. Since then, however, the ex-president has stopped sharing content, continuing to focus on his own network, Truth Social. According to reports, Trump has an exclusive contract with Truth Social that prohibits him from using other networks.

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