Twelve-year-old British woman is about to sue TikTok. The court is hiding her name for sure

A very interesting topic is currently being discussed in court in London. A twelve-year-old girl, after consulting a judge, is preparing a lawsuit against the operator of the worldwide popular TikTok application. This is the Chinese company ByteDance. As you may have guessed correctly, the subject is alleged misuse of user data. In this case, they concern children directly. Considering that the juvenile opponent of this application does not face any pressure or ridicule, may participate in the process anonymously. The twelve-year-old girl is suing TikTok without the world knowing her name yet.

“Failure to comply with her request for anonymity could have a negative effect on children’s claims for the protection of their rights and data,” explained Judge Mark Warby, who is consulting with the juvenile and her representatives. The girl is suing TikTok through Anne Longfield through the Children’s Commissioner for England. “If her identity was known, she could face direct online bullying from other children or users of the application,” the representative fears.

Documents to open the case are now in preparation. Of course, the TikToku operator continues ensures that users’ privacy is in perfect order. It will be interesting to see where the case develops. There is speculation as to whether the juvenile defendant is really behind the case or whether it is the work of some lawyers.

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