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Tronsmart Bang: the Bluetooth speaker that goes “boom”

Measuring 361 x 150 x 183mm and weighing just over 3kg, the Tronsmart Bang is a speaker designed to be noticed with its dynamic and programmable LED lighting. It is also a device that is made for the outdoors since it has an IPX6 certification which makes it insensitive to splashes and rain. No question of dropping it in the pool, but if you forget it outside, it’s safe. The design is successful and the carrying handle is very solid. We can see that the buttons are made of waterproof rubber, as is the hatch that contains the connectors.

A rich connection!

Inside you will find a USB-C socket for power supply, a USB-A socket for adding a key or a hard drive, a 3.5 mm jack socket for connecting an auxiliary (the cable is supplied) and a slot for micro-SD card (TF-Card). Note that the device offers NFC compatibility: just pass your smartphone over the chip for instant Bluetooth pairing. Without a screen, it is not easy to navigate from one source to another, but fortunately the device can be controlled from the application. From here you can choose the source, but also adjust the equalizer presets (Deep Bass, Classic, Rock, Default and Custom), but also the color and intensity of the LEDs. It is possible to vary the lighting following the rhythm of the music: it’s very nice.

Very good autonomy

As far as battery life is concerned, the Tronsmart Bang lasts for more than 8 hours if you don’t overdo it with the volume. By turning off the LEDs you will arrive at almost 15 hours. Don’t expect to exceed 5 hours with the light on and the sound on full blast. In short, it’s very good for an evening, but you will have to find a socket to recharge if you go camping for more than 2 days. Funny thing, the Tronsmart Bang acts as a “power bank”: you can therefore charge a mobile device using the 10800 mAh battery. Thanks to its built-in microphone, the Bang can be used as a speakerphone for phone calls, and it also supports voice assistants. Not bad.

The Tronsmart Bang goes “boom”

And on the sound side then? The Bang’s loudspeakers are made up of two “midwoofers”, a pair of “tweeters” and two passive radiators, which deliver up to 60 W. It is clear that the sound is of very good quality. Even if hip-hop lovers will regret a little lack in bass (even if the Deep Bass mode does the trick anyway), the Tronsmart Bang is a quality speaker and you can hear it! We advise you to use the Sound Pulse setting which minimizes distortion, improves bass and allows better sound dispersion. This “all-terrain” mode will delight your ears.

Note that the sound is dispersed in all 4 directions and someone behind the device will have just as much fun as those in front. Why spend more on a JBL speaker when this Tronsmart Bang does the job just fine? Funny thing, it is possible to link several Tronsmart Bang together in wireless mode to make a wall of sound. The probability of finding someone with the same device is quite low, but this TuneConn mode has the merit of existing. Of course, we couldn’t test it, but the manufacturer claims that you can pair 100 machines using this feature!

And the price in all this?

While for similar hardware, you will have to spend more than €200 at JBL, the Tronsmart Bang is offered at €112. At the moment it is even displayed at 84 € at Geekbuying (-25%). It’s a good deal especially since you don’t pay shipping costs and the device is delivered in less than a week from warehouses in the EU (therefore no customs fees).

Even cheaper?

Are you looking for an even cheaper quality speaker? We can also recommend the Tronsmart Bang SE (48 € instead of 74 €) and Tronsmart Bang Mini (65 € instead of 84 €). Make your choice !


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