Traditional German manufacturer puts everything on one card

It should lead Germany into a new heating age: the heat pump. The planned ban on oil and gas heating will boost demand for heat pumps. A traditional German manufacturer is now reacting to this by starting a new mega factory.

According to the goal of the federal government, six million heat pumps are to be installed in German residential buildings by 2030. But the ambitious plan has several snags: there is a lack of power lines, there is a shortage of installers and the waiting times for a heat pump are long. At least with the latter, there is now a silver lining on the horizon.

Vaillant is building a new mega factory for heat pumps

traditional manufacturer Vaillant puts a new factory for heat pumps into operation. It is located in Senica, Slovakia, and is supposed to be a annual production capacity of 300,000 heat pumps offer (source: Handelsblatt).

With the new mega factory, which covers an area the size of more than 14 soccer fields, the Remscheid-based group is doubling its production capacity for heat pumps to more than half a million a year.

For Vaillant boss Norbert Schiedeck, the start is a further step towards becoming “a leading manufacturer of heat pumps”. Since 2016, Vailliant has invested around one billion euros in expanding its heat pump business. Another billion is to flow in the next few years.

However, it will be some time before the Slovakian factory is producing at full capacity. Only from 2024according to a company spokesman, the plant could at full capacity work and 300,000 heat pumps roll off the assembly line.

Anyone can produce electricity sustainably:

Controversy over heat pumps continues

However, the switch to heat pumps pushed through by politicians is not undisputed. Many consumers fear horrendous costs, since heat pumps are extremely expensive to install and can cost up to 40,000 euros. According to estimates by experts, many residential buildings in Germany are not at all suitable for the installation of a heat pump.

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