toys from webshops are often less safe than from physical stores

Nice and easy, filling your virtual shopping basket with toys. Especially the phrase ‘delivered the next day’ sounds enticing when you’re in a hurry. Yet shopping for your child at (foreign) webshops is not always safe, says Mieke Cotterink – child safety researcher at Safety NL.

Toys from webshops can be unsafe. Think of sharp points, small parts or highly flammable toys. Children are a vulnerable group and you do not want to expose your little ones to unnecessary risks.

Not to check

Toys must meet strict safety requirements in the Netherlands. The problem with online purchases is that it is impossible to check whether your synthetic Peppa cuddly toy from overseas also meets those requirements in practice. The package is delivered directly to you, the consumer, without any checks. It is therefore safer to buy toys in a physical store, which you can check for a CE mark. With this, the manufacturer indicates that the toy meets the safety requirements. Please note, because the manufacturer may award the CE marking itself.

pay attention

Therefore always shop consciously, preferably in a physical store. So you can feel, smell and look at the toy. Always check whether the toy has a CE mark. Another important check is the price. If it’s too good to be true, it often is.

Source: SafetyNL

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