TousAntiCovid: notifications will be sent as the Health Pass expires

The French government has just stepped up measures in the fight against the pandemic of Covid-19. Since scientific studies have shown a gradual (but still quite rapid) decline in resistance to the virus in vaccinated people, it was therefore decided to deactivate the Health Pass beyond 7 months after the second vaccine if the person has not received a booster vaccine in the meantime (third dose).

The TousAntiCovid app (App Store link – Free – iPhone / iPad) will soon be updated to notify the user as the Pass deactivation date approaches, thus encouraging them to be (re) vaccinated with a booster dose. Of course, the vaccine is not compulsory, but those who are most resistant to the piquouze will now have even more difficulty without the vaccine: the antigenic tests will only be valid for a period of barely 24 hours!

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