Top of the best free apps for learning and making music

With your mobile phone, you can pay your taxes, measure the distance between two pétanque balls or put your face on Shrek’s. So why not learn or write music ? Taking courses can indeed be very expensive and you must, unless you have a teacher who travels, you have to go to centers to follow the training.

If you don’t no equipment or studio within earshot, you can also find a free side offer on your smartphone.

Today, we are therefore taking a quick tour of the possibilities offered by the applications.

Learning within everyone’s reach

Let’s start with what represents the sinews of war and an almost mandatory step to learn to play an instrument: music theory.

True algebra of music, it allows you to read a score and especially to decipher to transcribe it into music. If guitar lovers have developed tablatures to make it easier, the story is less easy for other instruments. Unless you have a very musical ear, it is indeed complicated to play a piano piece in a score.

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Several applications can make it easier for you to learn. Let’s start with Perennial, which despite its austere appearance, is extremely effective. With rather well done tutorials, you will be able to learn music theory at your own pace. The program offers more than a hundred lessons. Same desire to do well but more fun in its approach, you will find Music notes, of which we already told you the greatest good 2 years ago. Several games are available to you, such as musical dictations or timed games during which you must identify as many notes as possible in a given time.

Music Crab
© Music Crab

Music Crab is intended for the youngest with its cute interface inspired by the ocean. Notes appear on your phone screen and you must type them on the app’s built-in keyboard.

Along the same lines, but you will need to have a piano / keyboard at home, you will find Rush Note, which also allows you to sing the notes.

If you want a companion to learn to play bass, guitar or other ukulele, Yousician allows you to practice with sequences of notes that are displayed as in Guitar Hero and which you must reproduce on your instrument. The app listens to you and tells you if you were successful or not. The only problem is that the free version is quite limited, but you can always use it in addition to another.

Make time for the music

If you are already a musician, there are several applications that can help you in your daily life as a potential Mozart or Hendrix.

GuitarTuna, it’s a bit the basis for any music lover since it a very well made tuner which not only allows you to check the tones of all your stringed instruments but also offers you those which are less used. What you quickly find with, for example, a guitar that sounds totally different. Enough to awaken composers in search of unknown territories.

Another basic but essential app, Soundbrenner is a metronome which will allow you to never lose the rhythm.

Walk Band
© Walk Band

If you need a mini studio, you will find what you are looking for at Walk Band, who offers multi-track recordings as well as instrument simulators. So you can create guitar tracks just by typing notes on your screen. Same story with Music Studio, whose version Lite is free, but limited. You will have to look at the paid version at $ 14.99 to unlock everything.

Small bonus for karaoke lovers with Smule: karaoke ensemble which allows you to sing on more than 10 million tracks, solo, duet or in group. You can even share your achievements on social media! Enough to easily animate an evening with friends without equipment. And make the neighbors’ ears bleed.

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