TOP New Year’s and New Year’s SMS wishes and more than 2020

The challenging year is coming to an end. The year 2020, marked by the coronavirus pandemic. We hope that the next one will be more positive, better, more beautiful. New Year’s celebrations bring with them good luck to your loved ones. For example, nice New Year’s and New Year’s wishes. There are also funny New Year’s Eve SMS in the course, which are guaranteed to entertain.

The end of the old year and the beginning of the new one also bring with them various New Year’s resolutions, which people give and often do not keep.

New Year ‘s and New Year’ s SMS wishes 2020

May the New Year’s Eve toast be of benefit to you, may the sorrows and sorrows for joy be transformed. Don’t let the pain hurt, that’s my wish. Happy New Year.

May the new year fulfill your secret wishes
May the angels protect your ways
And let the problems get away from you
Happy New Year

In the New Year, I wish you 53 weeks of well-being, 365 days of happiness, 8,760 hours without worries, 525,600 minutes of health and 31,536,000 seconds of love

Let the bells ring, let the candles burn and clink time. Now that luck is just a step I wish you a nice New Year’s Eve and a happy New Year.

We change the year, we change dreams, desires, opinions, demands for life, we change partners, but we never change friends! Happy New Year and Happy New Year wishes…

The next new year is here again
each of us will grow old in a year.
So let it be a hundred times better,
may someone still love you

Fujavica wishes you good luck, a whirlwind of well-being, a snowdrift of joy, just a small flake of everyday worries and, above all, an avalanche of health and love in the new year…

Let the devils take the bad luck from you, let the diseases lose your address. Big income, small taxes, others reasonably. Good luck all year round…

All beautiful in the new year, good people by your side. Good luck, good health, may all plans succeed.

I wish you many fulfilled dreams until the new year. May your heart beat daily for faithful love and happiness for your soul lives happily. And what commitment to the new year do you need? Nevertheless, at least 24 hours a day she was happy to smile and give joy to everyone around her.

Funny New Year’s Eve SMS wishes

If you’re scared at night,
try something nice.
Your angel knows about this,
a barrel of beer will bring you.
You get a glga, saliva comes,
you cringe like a pig.
PF 2020

When the champagne bar hits your eye, when they examine you and recognize you as a stud. Then I wish you good luck late, so I wish it to you so soon and in peace.

On New Year’s Eve at midnight, I won’t help you. If a firecracker hits you, it will make you a retard. If you drink a lot, you will also brush your teeth. So be very careful, wish you good health. PF “PF 2021”

Do you want to have fun on New Year’s Eve? Do you want to be merry and pretty? We are here for you. Kat and his helpers.

Hill of happiness in the new year and a lot of strength in the crotch.

Hello love, I wish you a happy and merry new year and I hope you will finally give me peace in it!

I don’t wish you anything at all in the new year, because you don’t deserve anything at all.

If your left foot was Christmas and your right was New Year’s Eve, I’d like to visit you between the holidays.

When the cold sweat freezes you, or the glowing firecracker defrosts your ass and you hear the saints around you, it will be too late to wish you luck. Therefore, in time for the Happy New Year.

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