TOP Android applications and games of the week

In the selection TOP Android applications of the week we are trying to bring you closer to new applications and games that are up to Play Store received only recently and worth a try. These are interesting domestic and foreign titles that have fascinated us with their design, functions and overall impression. They only got to Google Play a few days ago, and most have almost no user ratings.

TOP Android applications and games of the 1st week

Motorcycle Racing Rider

According to the developers, the novelty called Moto Racing Rider is one of the most exciting motorcycle games. You will meet various challenges, always driving on busy roads crowded with other road users. You must avoid these vehicles during your journeys. Everyone can enjoy the game, thanks to the quite successful graphics.

Holiday Home 3D

Even though the Christmas holidays are over, there is no reason why we should not remember them in a festive spirit. You will decorate your themed house, light Christmas lights, bake sweet treats, build a snowman and enjoy the magic of Christmas once again virtually! The Holiday Home 3D simulator will probably be enjoyed by the youngest ones.

Idle landmark!

“Idle” style games may already be familiar to some of you. These are the so-called “clickers”, in which you gradually improve your experience by improving three different parts of the topic. This time you will build and improve your virtual town, in which you must try to have as many modern buildings as possible. You have to pay for the speed of work, the number of people working and the speed of receiving additional funding for the development of the city.


Finally, we have the ToolBox application, which has several useful tools. For example, you will find a mirror, ruler, protractor, compass and LED flashlight. These are simply such virtual things, which you can meet if you occasionally need them, especially if you do not have their real form with you.

TOP Android applications and games of the 52nd week:

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TOP Android Apps and Games of the Week 52nd week 2020

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