Top 7 Most Useless (But Hilarious) Stuff on AliExpress

Footage via AliExpress

AliExpress is good for a lot of fun and cheap stuff, but they also offer a lot of hilarious, useless junk!

Yesterday we gave you a list of some handy and cheap gadgets via AliExpress, but it can also be done differently. The Chinese webshop also sells a lot of hilarious junk. In this article, the top 7 most useless things you can buy on AliExpress for next to nothing.

Keep in mind that tax rules in the EU will change soon. It is therefore possible that a cheap bland product will cost you a lot extra. Thanks @Robert!

Most Useless Stuff on AliExpress

Magic screw – €1.19

The magic screw unscrews itself again by means of a magnet. You screw it on and it will come off by itself! Useful?

Skip flip-flops – €5.96

In the category ‘you don’t want to be seen with that’ there are the lettuce flip-flops. Flip-flops that look like they’re made of lettuce…

Earrings with toilet roll – €1.03

For everyone who fills up rather quickly, there are the earrings with toilet rolls. Okay, it’s not even real toilet paper, so yeah, useless!

Useless box – €11.26

Actually today’s winner, the useless box available through AliExpress. Its only function after you turn it on is that it turns itself off again. Click, clack, this box is poop.

Cigarette dispenser – €10.17,

This cigarette dispenser requires you to put all your cigarettes in the box so that the box can return them one by one. Or you just take them out of the pack when you need one, right?

Lego mug – €6,51

Not Lego, but Lego mug. You can technically drink from it, but that is of course not nice. And you can click the supplied Lego bricks on it. But why?!

LED eyelashes – €2.09

Finally, in our favorite most useless AliExpress products, LED eyelashes. Perfect for rave parties and if you feel like going blind by questionable Chinese tech!

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