Top 10 apps that Czechs download the most from Google Play (1/2021),

Google Play regularly updates the rankings of the most downloaded applications and games on the Czech scene. Some are fixed, others are pushing forward thanks to their functions. We already have a lot of them on our Android phone, others, however, have only recently taken the floor. The ranking of the Top 10 applications (1/2021) shows us which ones we download from Google Play in the Czech Republic most often. So what is the list of TOP 10 applications that Czechs download the most (1/2021)?

Fitify: Homework in Czech!

Fitify is the most downloaded application in recent weeks. This is a great helper to help you lose weight, burn calories or gain muscle and strength. There are over 900 different exercises, which you can of course change and choose according to your own. Therefore, you should always find the exercise fun and effective. Given that the gym is closed at this time, this is an ideal choice for how to start doing something with yourself.

Fitify: Workout Routines & Training Plans

Prima Trefa

The Prima Trefa application is a competition application where you can win interesting prizes. All you have to do is watch Prima TV and the moment the token appears on the screen, the competition begins. Answer a variety of questions about Sunny, The Simpsons, and more. People in the reviews complain that the game often doesn’t work for them. However, we cannot verify this because we are not watching TV.

Prima Trefa

George Key

The George Key application is a safer and more convenient replacement for login and verification SMS messages of Česká spořitelna. It no longer uses the telephone operator’s SMS messages to confirm the login or verify the outgoing payment and communicates directly with the bank.

George Key

QR and barcode reader (Czech)

The QR code and barcode reader is completely in Czech and offers a lot of interesting functions. You can easily view results from stores like Amazon or eBay, or just scan the QR code. Newer Android systems can do this, but if you have an older phone or tablet, the application may come in handy.

WhatsApp automatic message deletion

How to set up and use automatic message deletion in WhatsApp?

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