Toddler puberty difficult? I thought it was a great phase ‘

“ When the baby phase was over, everyone told me the hardest time was ahead of me, ” says Conz. “Handling a toddler would be much more complex and difficult than caring for a newborn.”

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Conz thought that was a bit overwhelming to hear. ‘I loved being a mother, but everyone kept reminding me that all those beautiful moments would disappear in no time. And yes, as an inexperienced mother I believed that. ‘

Wrong advice

But now she knows better: toddlerhood is not that terrible at all. ‘That’s how I found out that a toddler doesn’t have a tantrum every day at all. And that he doesn’t do such a rage on purpose either. My child learns all kinds of things, every day, and also has to learn to deal with the emotions that come with it. ‘

Also that saying ‘no’ should be enough, what she was told by others, is not correct. Conz: ‘Your child needs a lot more than just:’ That is not allowed. ‘ When I tell my toddler not to climb on the couch, he doesn’t understand why he shouldn’t. If I explain to him that he could fall and get hurt, he will generate the information much better. ‘

‘It’s a phase, count on a year’: Conz was also often told that by friends. “Not true,” she says now. ‘Just as a baby develops at its own pace, so does a toddler. If he’s a little rebellious, it doesn’t mean that it’s over by the age of three. ‘

Nice time

Looking back at the toddler stage now, she actually thought it was a really good time. ‘Mainly because I let go of unrealistic expectations of what my child should do. Instead, I just loved what he did. I loved discovering who he really is, what he likes, watching his brain and world grow. ‘

So the last thing Conz is doing now is to warn other young mothers about the toddler stage. ‘Labeling it as an awful age makes every parent cringe in fear. But that is really not necessary at all. ‘

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