Today, covid applications Tečka and čTečka are launching

The Dot application and the ČTečka application. Two mobile tools with a very similar name, purpose and release date. The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is behind both within the project Smart Quarantines against the spread of Covid-19 and they have the inhabitants of our country in digital form facilitate “return to normal”. Both when spending time at home and abroad. Officially from 1 July 2021 and within EU-wide rules.

The Dot and ČTečka application alias covid pas in Czech

Both tools have the task of transferring to mobile phones the registration and control processes associated with vaccination or testing and subsequent access to services, entrances to different locations or to different countries. Voluntarily for those who do not want to be satisfied with just a paper form. Each of the applications has the opposite mission in this matter.

Tečka (Android / iOS)

This application will be the most important and used for ordinary citizens, as certificates received after testing or vaccination are uploaded to it. Through it, it is possible to mobile phone after a secure login (eg via bank identity, e-Citizen or MojeID, but also via SMS and OP number) transfer all necessary data, which is and will be necessary to prove in the designated places. In short, it replaces a paper document with a simple QR code, which you just need to show on the display.

So far, it seems that everything works perfectly, I managed to enter the first good one (via MojeID). Domesticly developed Tečka expands the basic European definition of “covid passport” as an application needed for free travel and in the Czech environment It will also serve, for example, as a ticket to cultural events. The second application was developed just for organizers of social events or business owners.

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Multiple people in one application

You can upload the data of multiple people, such as family members, to the Dot tool. Demonstrating a larger group of people can then be done from a single cell phone.

čDečka (Android / iOS)

As the name suggests, the application has the task of reading data. In this case, they mean verifying whether the visitor of the event, the tourist or the person interested in the given service meets the current conditions given by the EU or a Member State. The tool reads the submitted QR codes through the camera and lights up green or red to immediately indicate the (un) acceptability of the request. The code can be presented with both a code from paper and from a sister point.


While the user enters his own personal data into the Dot (which by the way does not leave the phone in any way), the Dot works completely independently of accounts or logins. It really only has a verification mission. Database of what tests or vaccinations and for how long, is updated about once a day. Or after pressing the button manually. It does not store the downloaded data and does not need to be connected to the Internet (except for updating the validity parameters).

Do you have an invalid test or vaccination record?

If the Dot or ČTečka shows you an invalid vaccination record or shows a red color even for a registered vaccination, click on the generated QR code in the Dot. You will then find out exactly why the entry is invalid on the screen.

The Dot application currently has a very decent rating in the Play Store, although so far only from a small number of users. čTečka, which is available a few days longer, is not so good. We will see how the popularity of these covidpass applications (and their download numbers in general) will move further. We are also curious how much developers will listen to reviews. Good ideas include, for example, verifying data between Dot and Dot via NFC. Official help for both applications is on the website.

Do you have a download? What do you say to applications?

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