To watch out! From 2023 you can no longer share your Netflix account

Netflix wants to take measures against the sharing of Netflix accounts in the spring of 2023. How they are going to do that iPhoned you.

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Netflix account sharing: in 2023 it will be made impossible

A letter sent by Netflix to shareholders shows that the company will make account sharing impossible by 2023. From the spring you can no longer share a Netflix account with your family and friends.

While these rules have been around for a long time, Netflix hasn’t actively implemented them yet. Exact details are still missing and the letter was actually sent to share the quarterly figures. It is therefore unclear whether the Netherlands and Belgium will be included in the ‘first wave’ to prevent the sharing of Netflix accounts, or whether it will only be rolled out later.

Netflix is ​​testing limiting ‘account sharing’

Netflix has already tested the restrictions on Netflix account sharing in South America. This concerns the countries Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Honduras. There, users can no longer share a Netflix account with people outside their household.

According to a study by American research firm Magid, a third of all Netflix users worldwide share their account with at least one other person. Netflix therefore thinks it is high time to actually enforce the restrictions.

Netflix account sharing

How will Netflix control account sharing?

Netflix will check account sharing based on geolocation. Do you and the person you share the Netflix account with live in the same city? Then the streaming service assumes that you belong to the same household.

Do you not fall under this condition? Then you get the option to export your profile and pay the full price. This way you keep your viewing history, watch lists and Netflix still knows what you like. But you have to pay the full price yourself.

It will soon be possible to create a ‘sub-account’. In that case, there are multiple accounts at the same billing address and the sub-accounts can also watch Netflix for a small fee. It is still unclear how Netflix will roll out this cheaper option. In any case, we are curious when we will actually notice something from this development.

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