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To or not to take an iCloud subscription? This is our advice

Photos, videos and other files: with iCloud you have them always and everywhere. Do you need a paid subscription to the storage service, or can you move forward with a free package? This is why you should (not) get an iCloud subscription.

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(G)take out an iCloud subscription: our advice

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service. So files (such as photos and videos) are not on a physical hard drive (such as that of your Mac), but in the ‘cloud’. As long as you have an internet connection, you can view, use, edit and save this data anytime, anywhere.

It does not matter which device you use. iCloud automatically syncs between iPhone, iPad, Mac(Book) and even on Windows and Android (although this is somewhat cumbersome).

Apple offers four types of iCloud subscriptions. Only the entry-level package is free, for the other three you have to pull the wallet. These iCloud plans are here:

Storage capacity Price in euros per month
5GB 0.00 (free)
50GB 0.99
200GB 2.99
2TB (2000GB) 9.99

You can use iCloud for almost all types of files. The storage service includes your contact list, calendar, email messages, notes, reminders, photos and videos, Apple device backups, and documents. Want to put even more files in iCloud? Then drag them to the iCloud Drive folder on your Mac(Book) or Windows computer.

Do I need an iCloud subscription?

It depends, but for many people the answer is “Yes”. 5GB storage capacity fills up very quickly, especially when you want to store some photos and videos. The next question – “Which iCloud plan is right for me(and family)?” – we answer below.

1. For whom is the 50GB package interesting?

If you’re mainly looking for a place to back up your important devices (think iPhone and iPad), 50GB is probably enough. You also have room for some photos, videos and possibly some music. It is wise to delete outdated backups, because otherwise your cloud storage will grow out of its jacket.

2. For whom is the 200GB package interesting?

If you regularly take pictures and would like to have multiple backups of Apple devices, you will quickly end up with the iCloud subscription with 200GB. Even if you work with different Apple devices (each of which makes their own backups), 50GB is probably not enough.

3. For whom is the 2TB package interesting?

The 2TB package is especially interesting for large consumers and families with a lot of Apple stuff at home. Apple Family Sharing allows you to share the storage space with five other family members. This also applies to the 200GB subscription.

Tip: Are you planning to share iCloud plan with your family? Then take a look at Apple One. With this bundle, you get multiple Apple services including iCloud, Apple TV Plus, and Apple Arcade for a fraction of the regular price.

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iCloud and the competition

iCloud is certainly not the only cloud storage provider. Well-known competitors are Google One, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive from Microsoft.

However, for many Apple enthusiasts, iCloud is the most logical choice. The storage service is deeply integrated into all Apple devices and works very nicely and easily in the background – although tastes can of course differ.

When you use both Apple and Windows/Android, things change. iCloud is available on these platforms, but it works less smoothly than if you have everything from Apple. We therefore advise users of multiple systems to use the various free trial periods of cloud storage providers.

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