Tips: this is how you deal with quarrels between brothers / sisters

Maduro has one golden tip: “Let them solve it themselves.”

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“Children are very capable of entering into conflicts themselves,” she says. “If you keep helping them, they learn that they always need someone to come up with a solution. If they go to work later or play outside with friends, then they should do it alone. Keep saying that you children can do it on their own, then they also get that confidence.

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Blocks around your ears

But what if things really get out of hand and the blocks fly around your ears? Maduro: “Of course you intervene. It is important that you do not take sides: discuss the point of view of both children and give words to the conflict: ‘Is it true that you want to play with that doll but …’, that idea. And as soon as you have intervened and the storm has subsided, you state again that they can really solve it themselves next time. ”


The very last tip: “Don’t say, ‘Stop fighting!’ This is of no use to your children, because that way they will never find a solution. And besides: rivalry is a biological fact.

Minchenu Maduro, educator and mother of one son.

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