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Tips, apps and settings for your new iPhone or iPad

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Did you get an iPhone 12 or a new iPad as a gift? Our starter guide for iOS and iPadOS makes it easier for you to get started.

It can be tempting to get started with your new iPhone or iPad right away. But if you want to transfer photos, messages, contacts or other data from your old Android device, you should restrain yourself a little and first observe the following steps: First, take your old Android device and install the Android app developed by Apple Transferred to iOS from the Play Store.

Then you can start setting up your iPhone or iPad. As soon as you click on the menu item Apps & data you have to select the entry Transfer data from Android. After her on Continue have clicked and accepted the terms of use, you should see a six to ten digit code. You now have to enter this in the Transfer to iOS app on your Android smartphone. Then you choose which data you want to transfer and the process begins.

Transfer to iOS: This Apple app will help you switch from Android to an iPhone or iPad. (Graphic: Apple)

Thanks to iOS 14: iPhone now supports widgets and can be adapted to your own preferences

2020 is not a bad year to switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. Because with the new iOS 14 operating system version, Apple gives you significantly more freedom in designing your home screen for the first time. Android remains much more flexible in this regard, but at least you can now use widgets on the iPhone home screen and adjust the icons to your own taste. If you want, you can even use the Scriptable app to create a widget that shows you the current corona incidence value at your location on the home screen.

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With the current iOS version, Apple is also loosening the reins in other areas. For the first time, you can now determine yourself which browser and which mail client should be used by the system as the standard app in this category. This is particularly useful for former Android users.

Food for iPhone and iPad: Here you can find the best apps

Regardless of whether it’s the iPhone 12 or the new iPad Air: an iOS or iPadOS device is only really fun with the right apps. Therefore, it is also worth taking a look at the most popular apps and games of 2020. But this year we have of course again selected recommended apps from various categories for you.

Our overview of the best developer apps shows you which tools you can use to code or expand your programming skills on the go. Our overview of the best podcast apps for iOS ensures that you always have something on your ears. If you want to get creative with the iPad, you should take a look at our overview of recommended graphics apps. We have also created a list of apps that will support you in your professional life.

For those who have received a voucher as a gift and are still looking for the perfect smartphone, it is worth taking a look at our article From iPhone SE to Pixel 4a: Recommended smartphones for less than 500 euros

Last update of the article: December 15, 2020.

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