Tinder checks if your date is a criminal

Do your Tinder dates always go wrong? Tinder is going to reduce this chance by checking your date beforehand.

Tinder is a popular way to find a date. Many people have found their love of their life by swiping through all possible candidates for evenings. Then it is annoying if you think you have found your match, but then the date turns out to be a convicted criminal. Well, what then?

Tinder checks date

The dating app Tinder understands the problem and has the solution. The company recently acquired the non-profit organization Garbo. For how much money the Match Group – which includes Tinder – has taken over the organization is unknown. Tinder users in America will soon be able to perform a background check.

It is no guarantee that your date has nothing to do with his or her tally. So you still have to get to know your lover. Garbo pays less attention to small matters, such as parking fines and drug possession.


Garbo was founded by Kathryn Kosmides. She is a victim of gender-based violence. That is why she founded Garbo, a platform that performs online checks so that people can date safely (more). For example, the platform searches the internet for convictions, violent crimes and arrests. For this, the platform only needs a name and telephone number. With this information, Tinder checks your date.

If you want to use this function, it is not free. How much the function will cost is not yet clear. In the near future, the option will be tested first. If it works well, other apps from the Match Group will also use this tool. The question is whether we need this in the Netherlands. In America, the data on which the platform runs is made more public. So the question is whether the tool can work enough here to make it a success.

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