Time out from RTL: cult presenter leaves the station

One of the most famous faces from RTL leaves the station. As of Monday, Nazan Eckes will no longer be moderating the RTL Extra magazine in the usual slot. GIGA has the moving backgrounds.

Nazan Eckes leaves RTL-Extra to look after a sick father

From next Monday, January 11th, there will be a change in the moderation of one of RTL’s figureheads. Nazan Eckes is leaving RTL-Extra magazine, like the media group today in a press release announces. Accordingly, the moderation will be taken over by colleague Jana Azizi. There is a sad and very understandable reason for Eckes’ sudden absence: Her father has Alzheimer’s disease and needs care.

“Unfortunately, my father’s Alzheimer’s disease has worsened dramatically in recent months, so that I and my siblings have to look after our parents intensively and now as a family we have to be there especially for each other. I am very grateful that I can take a short break and be there for my parents. ”This is how the presenter explains her departure in front of the camera.

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Jana Azizi is moving to RTL-Extra’s studio for two months

According to the current plan, Eckes should suspend two months in which the family will take care of the sick father. From March it will be “on air” again, announces RTL. As t-online reported, Nazan Eckes took over the moderation of the reportage magazine about a year ago from her predecessor Birgit Schrowange. She has been the face of RTL Extra since 1994.

With Jana Azizi, a well-known substitute has also been found in the exceptional situation: The 32-year-old has been part of the RTL-Aktuell sports team since March last year and alternates between the programs “Punkt 12” and “Guten Morgen Deutschland”. as well as the lifestyle magazine “Deluxe” at ntv. She brings experience from this that will certainly help with the new task. “For me it is a matter of course to relieve my colleague and support Nazan so that she can concentrate on her family as best as possible during this difficult time,” said Azizi.

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