Time for something new, Pisces: this is your summer horoscope

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Will it be a sweltering summer, will the family holiday run smoothly and will the money flow in? Pisces, you read it in the great Kek Mama summer horoscope.

Sharing feelings is tricky, but Pisces more than makes up for it in bed.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

As a single mom this summer, you will fall for people you would normally not immediately look after. Not a bad idea, if you keep fishing in the same pond you always catch the same thing. So time for something new. In July you have the best chances of a good loot, in August it gets a bit more confusing.

If you are already in a relationship, you find it especially important to do fun things together. Although this sounds no more than logical, it had fallen a bit lately. You have something to catch up on together. In July, the holiday is mainly devoted to the children. Family outings, playgrounds, swimming pools and other entertainment.

“August is a great month for more quality time”

August is a great month for more quality time with your sweetheart. Don’t forget! Although you sometimes find it difficult to share your deeper thoughts and feelings with your partner, you more than make up for it in bed. You still feel enormously attracted to your loved one and you like to show this to him or her often.

In terms of finances, you have everything in order and no problems are to be expected. However, it is better not to take risks with a view to gambling or speculating. Everything goes great at work and you also meet up with a nice colleague outside working hours.

Also important:

  • Selflessly doing something for others is different from self-effacing.
  • If you can dream it you can do it. What do you really want and why don’t you go for it?
  • You don’t have to remember what doesn’t interest you; nice and important.

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