TikTok violates EU consumer rights. A complaint was lodged against him

The TikTok social network is very popular at this time, not only among teenagers. However, for people earning money on the Internet, it has become a perfect source of audience and especially funding through advertising. According to the beuc.eu portal, surreptitious advertising is one of the reasons why the European consumer organization has decided to lodge a complaint against a popular social network.

TikTok has the irrevocable right to distribute users’ videos

In addition to not labeling surreptitious advertising and insufficient protection of minors from inappropriate content, there were also ambiguities in the conditions of use. According to the information on the beuc.eu portal, your use of TikToku gives you irrevocable consent to use, distribute and reproduce your and other users’ videos without any remuneration.

Insufficiently explained use of personal data is also a problem. TikTok allegedly does not formulate them so that children and young people are sufficiently informed about data collection (what data and for what reason). It is also likely that some TikToku practices are in conflict with the GDPR.

Another interesting fact is the reservation concerning virtual payments. Within the social network, it is possible to give a gift to favorite users, but you must buy it with the help of coins, which you can also get by purchasing them. TikTok reserves the right to change the conversion rate between gifts and coins, which may distort the transaction in its favor.

Monique Goyens, Director General of the European Consumer Organization (BEUC), said:

“In a few years, TikTok has become one of the most popular applications with millions of users across Europe. However, TikTok disappointed its users with massive violations of their rights. We have discovered a whole series of infringements of consumer rights, which is why we have lodged a complaint with the company. Kids love TikTok, but society can’t protect them. We don’t want our little ones to be exposed to ubiquitous covert advertising and unknowingly turn into billboards when they’re just trying to have fun. Together with our members – consumer groups from all over Europe – we call on the authorities to take swift action. They need to act now to make sure that TikTok is a place where users, and especially children, can enjoy without being deprived of their rights. “

For the above reasons, the European Consumers’ Organization has decided to act. The complaint lodged should, in particular, result in TikTok correctly informing users of the terms of use. The social network should also pay more attention to the protection of children and adolescents from inappropriate content. In this way, BEUC calls on the authorities to launch a comprehensive investigation into the company’s practices to ensure that EU consumer law is respected.

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