TikTok invites its users to think carefully before posting inappropriate comments

TikTok unveils a new measurement for comments. Social network will invite its users to think carefully before posting a comment that may be inappropriate.

Now, before posting a comment that could be inappropriate or offensive, a notification will appear on the user’s screen. She invites him to reconsider his publication. It also gives the possibility of modifying it while recalling the Community rules applicable on the platform.

TikTok also adds new possibilities to control comments. With the new “Filter All Comments” feature, users can decide which comments will appear under their videos. Once enabled, comments are only displayed if they have been approved by the author of the video. This functionality builds on pre-existing ones, making it possible to filter spam and comments considered inappropriate or offensive as well as specific keywords.

“At TikTok, our priority is to create a safe environment where everyone feels free to express their creativity in a positive and authentic way”, indicates the social network. “We will continue to strengthen our user protection systems, to develop tools allowing them to better control their experience, and we will listen to the suggestions of our community and experts”.

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