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Tikkie incredibly popular in 2022: interesting statistics

ABN Amro, the creator of Tikkie, has shared figures about the use of the service in 2022. A new annual record has been broken, with a record of 5.5 billion euros paid through Tikkie. The value of an average Tikkie has also increased.

Tikkie incredibly popular in 2022

In the year 2022 we again sent out massive payment requests via Tikkie. A new record was set for the number of euros paid with the service. That total amounted to 5.5 billion euros in the past year. A total of 130 million Tikkies were sent last year. Since the start of the app, more than six years ago, a total of 16.8 billion euros has been paid via ABN Amro’s payment service.

A Tikkie is a payment request that you send someone. In the past year, the value of an average Tikkie rose to € 41.84. That is approximately three euros more than last year, the company says. The busiest day with payment requests was November 25, when almost 530,000 Tikies were paid. What was special on this day? Not only was the salary paid to many people that day, it was also the match of the Dutch national team against Ecuador. Extra many Tikkies were sent out with descriptions such as football, World Cup and beer. On an average day, approximately 350,000 Tikkies are paid.

Most Tikkies are paid within one day (in 89 percent of cases). 63 percent of the Tikkies are paid within an hour and 36 percent of them even within 5 minutes. Tikkie was mainly used to share the costs of food, lunch or groceries. In 2022, 4.2 million euros were also transferred via the app to Giro 555. According to the bank, we can expect new impactful actions in 2023. Since 2022 we can also create a Groupie via Tikkie, which makes sharing expenses very easy.

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