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Thumby is a keychain that you can play games on

Nothing to do? Leave the smartphone in your pocket and get started with the Thumby.

We can kill time with our smartphones. You can do everything on it. From streaming Netflix to playing games. Perhaps this funny keychain is totally unnecessary in our current era in that regard. Nevertheless, the Thumby is a fun gadget to take a closer look at.

The Thumby is a kind of very small Gameboy. The device is designed so small to easily hang on your key ring. It has a very small, but crystal-clear OLED screen. You have a 4-way D-pad and two buttons to operate the device. The keychain comes with five pre-installed games. However, it is very easy to add games yourself. That’s what the thing is made for. In fact, with MicroPython it is possible to write games in a web browser yourself if you are handy enough.

The makers hope to realize the project via Kickstarter. In any case, it is already a success. They wanted to raise about 13,000 euros. The counter is now at more than 60,000 euros. Early birds pay $19 for a Thumby. A funny device to play games on, or to give as a gift, for example. The first copies will be delivered to supporters of the project on Kickstarter in February 2022.

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