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three hidden features that are sure to come in handy

iPhoned has again put together the best tips and tricks for you. In these tips for your iPhone, we show three functions that are really useful.

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iPhone tips: three features that are sure to come in handy

Did you know? Your iPhone’s side button isn’t just there to turn your iPhone on or off. You can do much more with it! You can read how to do that (and more) in this week’s iPhone tips.

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Tip 1: Customize side button of your iPhone

With the side button on your iPhone, the smartphone is easy to lock (or switch on again). Do you also use Apple Pay? Then you can pull out your bank card by pressing the side button twice.

But did you know that this button has a few more functions? You can press the side button three times in quick succession. And you can choose what your iPhone does. You set this up in the following way.

Customize side button function on your iPhone (press three times)

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app;
  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Accessibility’;
  3. Scroll down again and choose ‘Activation button’;
  4. Select the function for the Activation button (you can choose more than one option here).

Now when you press the side button three times quickly, the function you just set will be activated. Did you choose multiple options? A menu will appear where you have to choose from the set functions.

Tip 2: Let your iPhone clean up apps automatically

When you install a lot of apps on your iPhone, your storage gets full. That is why it is important to remove unused apps again. You don’t have to do this yourself, however, and in these iPhone tips we’ll show you how. Your iPhone has an option to automatically clean up apps you don’t use.

clean up apps

Your iPhone does this without losing the associated documents and data. Do you still want to use the deleted app again? Then you can easily install it again from the App Store and your data will be automatically restored.

You have to turn on a setting on your iPhone for this. Therefore, go to ‘Settings’. Scroll down and choose ‘App Store’. At the bottom of this settings page, turn on the slider next to ‘Clear apps’.

redial phone number

Tip 3: this way you can call the last number called (again).

If you just had a phone call and you want to call the person back right away, there’s a very quick way to do that. You can then tap on ‘Recents’ where you will find all phone calls.

However, there is a second way, which may be even easier. Open the phone app and tap “Keys” at the bottom. Then tap the green call button once to reveal the most recent phone number you called. Then tap the green call button again to make the call.

More iPhone tips

Did you find this week’s iPhone tips interesting? Then take a look at the following three hidden iPhone tips. Not enough yet? Then we have useful iPhone functions that make your life easier. Of course it is also smart to regularly iPhoned stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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