WhatsApp is planning a big change that has not been seen in Messenger before. You have to agree to this innovation, otherwise you can no longer use WhatsApp. GIGA has the details for you.

WhatsApp wants to send you messages

A small but significant change is announced in WhatsApp. So far, the messenger has announced new functions and innovations to the app via its own blog, social channels and YouTube videos. In the future, you will be informed about this directly in the app – at least that’s the plan WABetaInfo has revealed in advance. A separate area is displayed when WhatsApp has introduced a new function. Anyone who does not otherwise find out about innovations in Messenger will be notified there. There has never been such direct communication with users. Also makes perfect sense, because this way you can reach all users who really use WhatsApp.

In order for the function to be implemented, users must agree to new terms of use. An exact date is also given in the leak. The change will take effect on February 8, 2021. Anyone who does not actively agree to the new terms of use can no longer use WhatsApp. There has been no such step in WhatsApp before. Normally, you only agree to the terms of use during installation and you will then be informed of changes that you passively accept by continuing to use the app. The change has such a big impact on WhatsApp that you have to actively agree to it in the app.

Every WhatsApp user should know these tips & tricks:

WhatsApp introduces many new features

WhatsApp has introduced a lot of new functions in the last few weeks that are really useful and represent a significant improvement in the messenger. Just a few days ago, WhatsApp integrated more background images for chats. In addition, each chat can be given its own picture. Before that, the option for running messages was introduced and a function with which you can free up storage space.