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Thorn de Vries and Mandy Woelkens welcome their first child

“In love. I can’t stop looking at you baby Z. And I’m so so so proud of @mandywoelkens for how she gave birth to you,” Thorn writes with the photo, which is also on Mandy’s page. “Something has opened in my heart that I can’t describe the feeling. That it is everything and more is even more short. This little one is my whole heart. We are complete,” she writes.

‘fave queer baby’

At the end of August, Thorn and Mandy announced that they were expecting. “It’s your new fave queer baby mommy with her baby zaddy,” Woelkens wrote with the photos with her pregnant belly. ‘zaddy’ refers to Thorn, who identifies as non-binary.

gender free

Mandy and Thorn are clear about the upbringing of the child: their child will be raised gender-free (‘not neutral but free’). “That mini-person can be whoever he, she or who wants to be,” Mandy writes in an Instagram story.

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