This YouTube function is now also in Dutch

YouTube does a lot in English, but now comes with a function that is also in Dutch and that you will use often.

The platform regularly introduces new features or refines some features. That is now also the case. Because if you are sitting on the train watching a movie, but the sound is so bad that you have to turn on the live subtitles. The subtitles are in English. Not a disaster in itself, but it would be nice if this could also be done in Dutch. And that will soon be possible.

Dutch YouTube feature

The company has announced several new features related to subtitles and audio. For example, live captioning is now generally available, and auto-translated captioning will be added to the YouTube app for iOS and Android later this year.

And that’s good news. The live subtitles are very useful for live streams. It can then create automatically generated subtitles. This is currently only available in English and on channels with more than a thousand followers. This is about to change, the function will be available for many languages. Dutch is also included.


YouTube’s apps will follow. Not immediately, but by the end of this year the iOS and Android app will also have the feature. At the moment the option only works on the PC. What is also handy, there will be a search function for the subtitles. This works as follows: it is possible to enter keywords for a video, after which the video automatically jumps to the moment when those words appear in the subtitles.

Another new thing is that YouTube is now testing the ability to set multiple audio tracks for a video. This makes it possible to record audio in multiple languages. The viewer can then choose the language.

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