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Well, has the internet already inspired you today? If you are reading this text and looking for inspiration: Go away and turn off the WiFi. Do your work! We all waste far too much time doing what others call work and then taking us away from work. That’s why we need a Creation Day: a day on which we don’t consume anything and only create. Of course, simply “creating” is also okay.

The poison of the modern working world is all the things that others have already done. Most people consume too much. By consumption I mean: read, listen, watch. Media consumption is everything, from the smartest book to the most vile text message.

We lose more than we win

This is a problem because consumption makes us believe that we are working. In fact, he keeps us from it. I’m not for turning off the internet. But keeping consumption free for (at least) one day a month may be the strategy that will turn modern thinkers back into a creative society.

Consumption creates a bouquet of problems:

  • Some people create far less than they could.
  • Others create far more than they should. And the stuff is too flat.
  • Still others create nothing at all, but have the feeling that they have worked a lot. You have consumed purposefully (aka research), but are still at the beginning.

So we lose more than we have to gain.

Focus is always unstable. Do not give up!

Consumer behavior is completely normal. Humans are seekers. They seek danger and inspiration, food, distraction. The fact that the brain reacts to a brief moment of helplessness by looking for inspiration is not reprehensible and not a sign of weakness. People are always distracted unless they focus for a moment. This is normal and scientifically observable. And if you were to pick cranberries in the spruce wilderness of Lower Saxony, then a certain amount of remaining attention would also be a good idea: if you notice wolves in good time, you can continue to breed.

But unless you’re my four-year-old on summer vacation, you’re probably right back at a screen trying to focus on something. Something you should DO.

Because distraction has established itself as a survival strategy in our brains, focus will always be an unstable state. And yet: We can train to keep the concentration longer. Because just imagine what your brain does if you don’t relieve it with distraction.

It starts creating things.

Let’s be (almost) unavailable. All together.

We invest in this ability once we free ourselves from distractions. So put the phone away. Close chat apps on the computer too. Emails are enough every hour. All those open tabs, articles, inspirations, news articles? close them Really close everything for one day.

Of course you have to remain available for the day care center or for your team. But all those who create something can agree among themselves: Let’s agree on a day when we don’t inspire each other, don’t inform each other. And when we don’t push each other with hearts and comments for more reach.

When I asked business coach Melina Royer for feedback on the concept of Creation Day, she said: “You become aware of what is moving you right now. That also makes you more authentic and touching every day.” And there is something to it. All the input prevents the emotional and intellectual output. It’s like the channels are clogged.

For me, this Creation Day will always be the first Tuesday of the month in the future. And I invite you to join. Let’s be unavailable. let’s not share let’s create

Do good and keep the edge

Level 2 would be not to post about what happened on Creation Day, even afterwards. Of course I know I can’t ask that of you. But just imagine the utopia: Each of us creates something for a day, we write, we tinker, we think, we take notes, we design or – yes! – we do stuff!

And then we keep quiet about it. If we were to succeed, we wouldn’t have to formulate posts internally on Creation Day, wouldn’t have to take pretty selfies and no coach would have to spend the day dancing his message in front of the camera.

Let’s create something. Let’s not consume one day a month, but create. That makes us human and that shapes our society much more valuable than a virtual little heart on the display ever could.

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