This week the home office obligation ends

Every Monday morning we report on five things that are important to start the week. This time it’s about the home office obligation, YouTube’s shopping function, John McAfee and typical JavaScript errors.

The home office obligation decided by the federal cabinet due to the corona crisis expires on July 1, 2021. This is good news for any employee who has long dreamed of returning to the office. The situation is different for those who prefer to stay in the home office even after the pandemic. How many there are in the end is unclear. In the US, however, a survey found that 39 percent of employees would even consider quitting if they had to go back to the office. For millennials and members of Generation Z, this figure was almost 50 percent.

In many cases, companies should therefore do well to enable somewhat more flexible working models in the future. Because if the pandemic has shown us one thing, it is that home office is generally not a productivity killer. And ultimately, the environment would also benefit if people who actually don’t want that no longer have to drive to work every day.

1. Why the end of the home office obligation could still cause a lot of trouble

The end of the home office obligation also raises certain legal questions. Labor lawyers argue that a home office offer once made to the workforce ultimately amounts to a contract. In contrast to the statutory home office obligation, this does not simply expire automatically. Unless companies have clear guidelines from the outset for an end to home office time, this could even become a case for the courts in the event of a dispute.

2. What actually is a supply chain attack?

The Solarwinds hack has created problems around the world. Russian hackers smuggled malicious code into an IT company’s program and thus brought 18,000 networks worldwide under their control. Experts refer to this type of attack as a supply chain attack. Our colleague Kathrin Stoll explains on t3n how this attack works and what options companies have to protect themselves against it.

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3. Youtubes Shopping Function: A Groundbreaking Step in Social Commerce?

If Google has its way, YouTube will also play a bigger role in e-commerce in the future. A shopping function is currently in the test phase. At t3n, the expert Marcel Hollerbach investigates the question of whether YouTube could finally help social commerce achieve a breakthrough and what retailers have to pay attention to if they want to sell their products on the video platform.

4. John McAfee: The changeable life of the antivirus pioneer

John McAfee made a fortune doing antivirus software. But even after the sale of the software company named after him in 1994, the eccentric millionaire made a name for himself again and again. After McAfee was wanted by the Belizean police in connection with a murder in 2021, he decided to flee – and was accompanied by a documentary. He later appeared as a crypto influencer. US authorities accused him of collecting millions for unfair crypto advertising. In 2020, the 75-year-old was arrested in Spain at the instigation of the US authorities. There was no extradition. John McAfee died in his cell on June 23, 2021. The authorities assume suicide.

5th practical tip of the week: SEO should avoid these typical JavaScript mistakes

If used incorrectly, JavaScript can have a negative impact on the ranking of a website. Our guest author Florian Beqiri explains on t3n what the most common mistakes are and which tools you can use to protect your website against them.

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