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This way you stream music from your iPhone to your TV or speaker

Would you like to play music, but the quality of your iPhone speaker is not good enough? Fortunately, you can easily stream music to your TV or a Bluetooth speaker. That is how it works.

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Stream music from your iPhone

Although the sound that comes from iPhone speakers has improved considerably over the years, unfortunately it does not come close to a separate speaker or the sound of a good TV. If you want to play music in your living room or bedroom, you will also have a lot better sound if you stream the music from your iPhone. Curious how you do that? We will explain it to you.

Bluetooth speaker

One way to stream music is through a bluetooth speaker. This works very easily. The handy thing about such a speaker is that it works wirelessly and you can take it anywhere. For example, you can play your favorite music while you are in the park.

Please note that you must first charge the speaker before you can use it wirelessly.

  1. First turn on your bluetooth via the control panel in iOS 14, or in your settings;
  2. If you long press the bluetooth icon, you will see which bluetooth devices you can connect to;
  3. Now turn on your bluetooth speaker. This will now search for devices in the area that have Bluetooth on;
  4. The speaker will now appear on your iPhone. Tap the speaker’s name.

If you hear a short tone, the speaker is connected. When you now play music on your iPhone, for example via Spotify, you will hear it through your speaker. Have you listened enough? You can stop streaming by switching off the speaker or the bluetooth on your iPhone.

Chromecast or smart TV

Another way to stream music is through your TV. You do need a Chromecast for this, or a smart TV. It goes like this:

  1. First turn on your TV;
  2. If you have a Chromecast, put the TV on the HDMI channel of your Chromecast. If you have a smart TV, you don’t have to do anything;
  3. Open the music app you want to use, such as Spotify;
  4. Tap a song you want to play;
  5. In the playback window, tap an icon of a screen and a speaker at the bottom left;
  6. Tap the name of your Chromecast or of your TV.

The TV is now connected to Spotify. From your iPhone you can control the music as you are used to. You can now also adjust the volume. Done streaming music? Follow the same steps again and choose ‘This iPhone’ as the device. The music will then be played via your iPhone again.

When you stream Apple Music from an iPhone, it is unfortunately not (yet) possible to stream it to a Chromecast. This is possible with an Android device. As soon as you play music in the app, you can tap the cast icon to start streaming.

AirPlay and Apple TV

It is also possible to play music via AirPlay.

  1. Open the Control Panel;
  2. Tap the AirPlay icon in the ‘audio card’, the square where you see music with a play button;
  3. You will see a list of devices on which you can play the music;
  4. Then tap the device you want to stream to, such as an Apple TV.

This works the same way for Spotify as it does for Apple Music. That way you can very quickly play the music on speakers. If you don’t want to use AirPlay, you can simply turn on your Apple TV and then start the app for your streaming service. For example, there is a special Spotify app and Apple Music app for Apple TV.

More streaming tips

Do you want to know more about streaming? On iPhoned you regularly read handy streaming tips. For example, we explain how your Chromecast works in combination with the iPhone or iPad or we tell you step-by-step how you can mirror your iPhone screen on your TV. Can’t choose between a Chromecast or Apple TV? We list the differences for you.

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