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This way you save the battery of your smartphone

Is your smartphone’s battery empty too quickly? With these tips you can ensure that you last longer with a full battery.

Limited battery life, a recurring problem

With a smartphone you have a complete computer in your pocket, which is not much inferior to the computing power of an older desktop. It is therefore no wonder that a smartphone runs out of battery much faster than an old-fashioned cell phone, also known as a dumbphone. This often lasts a week. Usually you can do a small day with a smartphone charge. Fortunately, there are some tricks and tips that allow you to enjoy a full battery for longer.

List of tips to save the battery of your smartphone

  • Turn off Bluetooth if you don’t need it. If you have Bluetooth enabled, your phone will constantly try to connect to nearby Bluetooth devices. That is not only a security risk, it also means that your device uses more power. A shame, of course, and it is a small effort to turn Bluetooth back on if you want to connect a speaker, for example.
  • This also applies to Wi-Fi. So you don’t need an unlimited data bundle and WiFi? Then your wifi can turn off your best. It’s easy to turn WiFi back on within Android or iOS. Often this even happens automatically if no data is available.
  • Your screen is also a notorious power guzzler. The lower the brightness of your screen, the less power your device consumes and the longer you will be able to use your battery.
  • Fast moving images mean your phone’s graphics card has to work hard. After all, the position of each dot must be calculated. Therefore, try to limit your viewing of videos.
  • Another source of power consumption are programs that remain in memory while you are already doing something else. Check your list of open programs and close them. Do you want these programs not to remain in memory in the future? Then revoke the permission that allows it to continue running in the background.

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