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This way you choose diapers that are better for your child and the environment

Of course you have your requirements when it comes to diapers. Not every copy is good enough for your child. The ideal diaper keeps your baby dry, is soft on the skin, is comfortable and, if possible, has as little impact on the environment as possible. Such a durable diaper is a good New Year’s resolution. Do you want to know why? Then please read further.

  1. Choose a nice world for your child

If you consider the environment in your daily activities, you will be one step closer to passing on a greener world to your child (and future grandchildren). Sustainability in baby equipment, diapers or organic food is therefore important for many (future) parents. Nice and important for you, your child and the planet.

  1. Easily search for the quality marks

But how do you choose such a more sustainable diaper? To see if something is sustainable, you can often look for different quality marks on the packaging. These give you a handy helping hand when choosing a diaper. But what do they all mean? Here are a few examples.

EU Ecolabel: This quality mark shows that the diaper meets all the requirements set by the European Union for environmentally conscious production.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel: Diapers with this label meet extra high requirements regarding the environment, health and quality.

Asthma allergy Nordi: Your baby has sensitive skin. This diaper gives very little chance of allergic reactions.

Dermatologically tested: This means that the product has been tested and is gentle on the skin. But says nothing about sustainability.

FSC: This quality mark indicates that the product has no negative impact on the important rainforest. Nice thought.

ECOCERT Cosmos: the first certification body for natural and certified organic cosmetics, strives to ensure that products meet strict environmental standards, from ingredients to packaging. Only products with a minimum of 95% natural ingredients (by weight) are eligible for certification.

  1. Pay attention

Materials and packaging
Diaper materials vary by brand. Not every material can be processed properly. A child wears an average of five diapers a day. That is about 150 diapers per month, good for 25 kilos of waste. That is why it is important that the materials can be processed easily. Plastic waste is a big problem for the earth. It is difficult to process and can end up in nature. Alternatives to plastic are, for example, paper or jute.

How is it made

A sustainable diaper brand ensures that the process in the factory is as clean as possible. Think of green electricity to avoiding chemicals and paying fair wages.

Transport on the go

From the factory, diapers must be brought to the store. Do you really want to be sustainable? Then make sure that the diaper brand does its best to reduce the CO2 emissions of their transport. This means, for example, smaller stackable packaging or chugging back and forth with electric trucks.

Quality and use

Of course you want the diaper to stay dry for a long time. Is that just as nice; that is also more sustainable. So choose quality, use diapers sparingly and don’t change your baby more often than necessary. Each diaper can collect several pees without any problems. That way you also have to use less. This saves waste, but also money. And also saves you baking time. Of course the golden tip: the faster your child is potty trained, the fewer diapers you have to use and the cheaper and more sustainable you are.

A safe choice

So come on with those sustainable diapers. Bambo Nature baby diapers are soft, environmentally friendly and ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin. Quality and produced as sustainably as possible with respect for people and nature. This is rooted in Scandinavian ancestry. And very nice: even for the very sensitive children’s skin, they are nice and soft. These diapers do not contain parabens, perfume, lotion and preservatives. So not only better for the earth, but also a safe choice for your child.

Paper here

For more than 40 years, Bambo Nature has been working on the production of high-quality baby and child care products, with respect for people and the environment. The fine natural diapers now even come in recyclable paper packaging made of FSC-certified paper. A nice idea.

Because you care

Did you know that the environment is central to these diapers throughout the entire production chain? Without compromising on quality and skin friendliness. 100% Danish wind energy is used for production and even 86.4% of the waste during production is simply reused. That is why these diapers are definitely a conscious choice for your baby and nature. And of course important: they keep your baby nice and dry. Also saves you some sleep deprivation. Win win.

Try & contribute

To attempt? If you order a sample pack of diapers for 1 euro now, you will support the IVN Scharrelkidsfonds at the same time. In addition to receiving these fine diapers for next to nothing, you also contribute to projects and activities that bring children into contact with nature. The proceeds from the trial packs are donated to the IVN Scharrelkidsfonds. Because you care!

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