This way you can watch Netflix with Teleparty together with your friends

Want to watch Netflix with your family or friends without being around each other? That’s possible, with Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party). That is how it works.

Netflix Teleparty

Netflix Teleparty is a service that allows you to watch a movie or series with friends or family, without sitting together in the same room. It’s comparable to Amazon Watch Parties and Disney + GroupWatch. You can also organize a movie night with friends and family with these services, even if you are miles away from each other.

Netflix has turned Teleparty into a Chrome extension. This Chrome extension synchronizes the playback of the movie or series you have chosen to watch together. This allows you and your friends to watch a movie or series from Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max or Hulu together and in real time. You can discuss the film together in the corresponding chat room on the right side of the screen. Everyone joins a Teleparty session from the link you share.

This is how Netflix Teleparty works

  • Install the Teleparty extension
  • To do this, tap ‘Add to Chrome’ and then ‘Add extension’
  • The TP extension should now be visible next to the address bar. If not, click on ‘Extensions’ and then ‘Pin extension’ next to Teleparty
  • Now go to the movie or series you want to watch together and tap the Teleparty extension to start a party
  • Check the box to be the only one to pause the party, et cetera
This way you can watch Netflix with Teleparty together with your friends
  • You can share the link that appears with friends and family
  • You can change your nickname and profile picture via the icon at the top right
  • You can chat in the window on the right
  • When you’re done watching, tap the TP logo to end the session

Androidworld recommends snacks during a Teleparty.

At the moment, the extension is only available for the Google Chrome browser on laptops and PCs. So you can’t watch Netflix together on your big TV like you can with Disney + GroupWatch. What do you think of these opportunities to watch a series or film together? Are you going to use it with family or friends? Let us know in the comments below this article.

This way you can watch Netflix with Teleparty together with your friends



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