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This TV channel broadcasts movies with pirated subtitles

Sometimes the content offered by torrent sites is a perfect complement to the legal offer. A TV channel knowingly used subtitles created by members of a torrent site.

Credit: Turner Classic Movies

Turner Movie Classic, TCM Cinema in France, is a channel specializing in rare or old films. It’s a real gold mine for movie buffs who love classics that are hard to find on video streaming platforms. While watching the end credits of Carlos Saura’s “Garden of Earthly Delights” on TCM, a Twitter member noticed that the channel used subtitles from a BitTorrent tracker named Karagarga.

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Karagarga is well known to moviegoers. In addition to being a tracker specializing in films from the golden age of cinema, the platform also functions as a forum and video sharing service. It’s an invaluable source of old movies like subtitles made by enthusiasts and made available to the community (the fansubs). This type of site is frowned upon by the authorities and rights holders usually seek to shut down trackers torrents. But the case of Karagarga is somewhat different, as illustrated by what happened on TCM.

This TV channel uses “pirated” subtitles, for lack of an official solution

The community of Kargarga has constituted a veritable world cinema archive. According Torrent Freak, “that’s not an exaggeration, the site has unique copies of movies that simply aren’t available anywhere else.” So much so that even television channels and streaming services use fansubs offered on these sites.

Indeed, “for millions of people around the world, subtitles are the only way to enjoy media in foreign languages “. Unfortunately, many of these media simply do not have official subtitles in all languages. Whatever the detractors of torrent sites such as Cpasbien may say, the “pirates” therefore contribute to the safeguarding of the world’s cinematographic heritage.

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