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This thermal battery converts electricity into high heat

The energy company Rondo Energy has apparently developed a battery that can convert sustainable electricity into high-temperature heat. It is made of brick and iron and can generate temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees.

It will probably take some time before we have eliminated all the problems of the climate crisis. Because there are still too many factors that contribute to the warming of our planet. The energy company Rondo Energie has apparently also recognized this and recently presented a solution that is intended to help the industry to achieve climate neutrality

The Rondo Heat Battery appears as a brick structure that initially looks rather unspectacular. But it contains a principle that we already know from our own four walls. Because the heat battery works in a similar way to a toaster. Heat rods heat up stored air and turn it into high heat, which can apparently be stored.

Thermal Battery: A Sustainable Solution for Dirty Industry?

The battery is supposed to be a sustainable solution for the dirty industry. Because if the heat is generated from sustainable energy sources, the environment benefits. According to Rondo Heat, the grid operators could then import excess solar and wind energy into the system. The steel, cement and chemical industries should benefit from this.

The advantage seems obvious: Instead of using dirty, coal-fired stoves, companies should generate heat from sustainable sources. Another potential benefit: The Rondo Heat Battery is arguably operational 24 hours a day and is mostly made of brick and iron. That would make them inexpensive and attractive.

CO2 savings from over 8,000 electric vehicles

Two different models are available depending on the energy requirement: RHB100 and RHB300. According to the company, the CO2 savings are significant compared to conventional methods. An RHB300 battery would therefore save as much as 8,700 electric cars – per year.

Meanwhile, the systems are manufactured in the USA. However, the system should be available worldwide. The manufacturer says that there is a very high rush because the industry is waiting for it. But it will probably take a while before that happens.

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