This rival outperforms Disney+ and Netflix

Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, WOW, Joyn, Paramount+ and many more – the streaming market is a highly competitive place. And every provider wants to be the best. The real star among all these platforms is hardly ever mentioned: Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ is a must for series fans

The streaming market has exploded over the past five years. More and more providers are fighting for the favor of film and series fans. But one provider in particular stands out among all the subscriptions and exclusive content: Apple TV+.

We’ll tell you four good reasons why the subscription service A must for every series lover is:

Point 1: quality instead of quantity

Providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime release new content almost every day. The average user is literally overwhelmed by the oversupply. Apple TV+, on the other hand, releases a lot less content. All content is produced in high quality and is only available from this streaming provider.

In addition, Apple series appear in a classic format So one episode a week. As a result, you as a user never have the feeling of missing the connection or the pressure of having to watch a season over a weekend because the next series will be released next week.

Point 2: series at cinema level

It’s no secret that Apple has a gigantic capital. And you can see that in their productions. For example, the See series has $15 million per episode cost (source: colliders). The competition also has series in its range that cost a similar amount or even more, but the difference is in the details. With Apple TV+, almost all films and series are produced in extremely high quality. The mass production of the other providers cannot keep up.

This Amazon Prime series is considered the most expensive series in the world. More at kino.de:

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Point 3: innovation and creativity

Creativity is a big thing on Apple TV+. Of course there is also Netflix and Co. unusual concepts or crazy ideasbut Apple has the edge here too.

To cite a few examples, the See series is set in a future where everyone is blind. While in calls as a viewer you only see audio signals while an emotional story develops. And the premise of the multiple award-winning Severance series is a unique mindfuck and is not so easy to explain.

See: Realm of the Blind – Trailer German

Point 4: The price makes the music

While Netflix has increased the price several times in recent years and the standard subscription now costs 12.99 euros, Apple charges only 6.99 euros per month. And without a tier system. You also get 4K resolution for this price.

The range of series and films on Apple TV + is relatively manageablebut ask yourself the following question: Would you rather pay 6.99 euros for 20 top series or 12.99 euros for 100 series, of which only 10 are really worth seeing?

Apple 2022 Apple TV 4K Wi‑Fi with 64GB Storage (3rd Generation)

Apple 2022 Apple TV 4K Wi‑Fi with 64GB Storage (3rd Generation)

The price may be higher now. Price from 05/25/2023 17:55

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