This retro stereo costs a quick €22,000! Why?

Images via MoMA Design Store

The iconic Brionvega RR231 Totem retro stereo system gets an overhaul. Correction: a very expensive overhaul!

Trend waves once again make modern objects incredibly hip after decades of disgust. Nowadays retro is one of those styles that is fully appreciated again. That’s why the MoMA Design Store comes with an apparently old-fashioned retro stereo for the unbeatable price of €21,427! But there is a special story behind it.

The story behind the Brionvega RR231 Totem retro stereo

In 1970, the Italian electronics market Brionvega and the incredibly hip architect and designer Mario Bellini came together to create an iconic product. The RR231 Totem combined (at the time very high-tech) technology with master design.

The result is a white, portable cube about half a meter wide. Once unfolded, the hinged ‘wings’ reveal features such as a pickup, speakers and advanced control knobs. The object gained cult status because of the combination of art, design and technology.

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