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This podcast app now filters out background noise

This podcast app now filters out background noise

The popular podcast app Anchor comes with a new feature. This feature will enable podcast creators to filter out background noise. This way you can also record a podcast in noisy places.

Anchor: create your own podcast

Anchor is one of the most famous podcast apps, especially many hobby podcast makers use the app. This is partly because Anchor makes it possible to easily create and publish your own podcasts free of charge. In addition to creating a podcast, Anchor also serves as a hosting platform. So you can publish your episodes on other major podcast platforms and also see how many listeners your podcast attracts. In addition, with Anchor you can edit your audio clips by adding background music or other sounds. You can integrate these fragments from Spotify, Anchor’s parent company. You can read more about Anchor here.


What is Anchor? The Anchor app helps you produce and manage your own podcasts. Because Anchor makes it possible to create and share podcasts easily and for free.

Filter out background music

To make it even easier for its users to record podcasts, Anchor now comes with a new feature. The feature is called ‘Audio Enhancement’ and it automatically reduces background noise and brings out your voice. This would allow you to record your podcast in busy and noisier environments such as a cafe or in a noisy house. This should make creating and recording podcasts even easier for Anchor users, because you no longer have to look for a quiet space. You can turn on ‘Audio Enhancement’ after you’ve recorded a podcast with the touch of a button. According to Anchor, “Audio Enhancement” allows “the world to become your studio.”

Anchor also reports that the feature is free to use on Android and iOS, and the new feature is currently available.

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