This participant cheats in front of the cameras!

The big love test Temptation Island four couples go to tropical paradise. We reveal who resists temptation in Season 5.

Couples have to resist temptation again this year. In paradisiacal Portugal, love is set in season 5 of Temptation Island put to a hard test. For a total of two weeks, couples will stay apart from each other in luxury villas where attractive singles will try to seduce them. You can watch the current episodes of “Temptation Island” in the stream on RTL +. There will be a new episode every Thursday until June 22nd, which you can root for. We’ll tell you which couples can resist in episode 7 and which can’t.

Our video below introduces you to five not-so-nice real-life dating trends that have evolved over the years!

What happens in Temptation Island Episode 9?

In the ninth episode of “Temptation Island” it’s mainly the men who are stepping on the gas again: Nico is only wearing boxer shorts, a hot dance routine and gets very close physically to the ladies. One seductress seems to have taken a liking to him in particular: Syria, with whom he speaks openly about his feelings. “All in all, for me, you are the greatest seduction here.” Nico brags to the other men, “he actually wanted to seduce the girls“. They advise him not to overdo it and also to think about how other people see the pictures. He didn’t really take this to heart, because a short time later he was sleeping with Syria in the shower in the bathroom and was thus cheating on his girlfriend Sarah. The morning after he sees “everything relaxed”, but asks Syria to keep their sweetheart session a secret. Then there is bad news: Justyna has to leave the men’s villa early due to illness. Now Melissa has another opportunity to bond with Adrian again.

At the girls’ villa, Sarah and Antonino are sent on a dream date on the beach. So that they both get to know each other better, they get one psychological questionnaire and have to ask each other questions. When asked a question, ask them to name three things they have in common. Both opt for humor, structure and principles. Sarah is visibly impressed by the many similarities and states: “We act on a certain eye level and those are things that I actually sometimes miss with Nico.” Just wondering how Sarah will react to Nico’s cheating? At the next campfire it should really bang..

Bizarre programs for trash lovers can be found in the photo gallery:

Temptation Island Season 5: Who are the contestants?

Also in the current season, four couples are tested for their loyalty.

  • are there Sarah (23) and Nico (24), who have been a couple since 2020. In the show, the former party animal wants to prove his loyalty to his loved ones.
  • Also Charline (25) and Adrian (24) are part of the party. The two met at a New Year’s Eve party and now share an apartment. In the past, however, their love was put to the test when Charline found unusual messages on her boyfriend’s cell phone.
  • Also Tatum (23) and Louis (27) are on Temptation Island. Both promise the ultimate test of their mutual loyalty by participating. They have very different lifestyles: While the student Tatum likes to party, Louis works a lot as a branch manager. Ever since Tatum hugged another man during a night out, Louis has quickly become jealous.
  • However have Loreen (22) and Adam (26) other differences in the relationship: she enjoys the attention of other men to the fullest, while he wishes for more restraint – can that go well?

Temptation Island Season 5: Who Are the Tempters?

Of course, “Temptation Island” includes singles willing to flirt who make the island unsafe. In total 12 women and 12 men test the loyalty intentions of the recipients. Included are Anastasia, Bella, Laura and Melissa for the women and Antonio, Fabiano, Lukas and Kenan for the men.

To get the dating show going there are certain rules in “Temptation Island”:

  • The couples are separated by gender and spend a total of two weeks without their significant other.
  • They are each accompanied by twelve men or women who live with them in the villa. The task of the singles is to seduce the loved ones.
  • In the course of the show, presenter Lola Weippert presents videos to those who have been awarded. In it, the forgiven get to see some flirty scenes of their better half.
  • There is no winner in the classic sense, as the participants do not receive a prize at the end of the show. In return, they get certainty about their own and the loyalty of their respective partners. In the past, this hasn’t always ended well: some couples like Christina Dimitriou and Salvatore from season 1 broke up.

Who is hosting Temptation Island in 2023?

The current season of Temptation Island, filmed under the Portuguese sun, is hosted by a host Lola Weippert directed. As a former radio host, she has been with us since season 3. In recent years, the moderator has, among other things through renowned formats such as “Das Supertalent” and “Prince Charming” made a name.

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