This old iPhone is still the most popular camera in the world

A huge amount of photos and videos are taken with the iPhone. There are so many that an iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. We’ll tell you which one it is!

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Phone cameras are becoming increasingly important

Taking photos and videos is arguably the most popular function of the iPhone, which is why the camera is becoming increasingly important. This is also apparent from the choices Apple makes, the entire iPhone 15 series is reportedly getting a new 48-megapixel camera. Popular platforms such as Flickr also notice that mobile phones are mainly used to take photos.

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Flickr is a photo and video sharing website with hundreds of millions of images shared. Simple Gahr has now shed light on the devices used to capture these millions of photos and videos. Most of the images are, as expected, shot with a phone. And guess what: on Flickr, an iPhone is the most popular camera in the world.

This iPhone has the most popular camera

A total of 470 million photos from the platform were included in the study. These photos were checked with which device they were taken. The result is somewhat surprising: the iPhone 11 appears to have the most popular camera. No less than 13.2 million photos were taken with that iPhone. A real camera follows in second place: the Canon EOS 5D. 11.7 million photos were taken with that camera.

If only photos taken with a phone are included in the study, it is clear that the iPhone’s camera is extremely popular. The top 24 of the survey then consists of iPhones. Only in place 25 do we find the first Android phone, which is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The vast majority of images on the platform are therefore made with an iPhone.

iPhone most popular camera

iPhone 14 Pro has the best camera

Do you mainly use your phone for taking photos? The iPhone 11 has the most popular camera, according to Flickr. That does not mean that the iPhone 11 also has the best camera, that is the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). The iPhone 14 Pro has the best iPhone camera ever with 48 megapixels. In comparison, both the iPhone 11 and the regular iPhone 14 are still stuck on a 12-megapixel camera.

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