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This new handy function in the ABN AMRO app has predictive abilities

ABN AMRO has a new function ready for its mobile banking app. With this function you will know in the future which credits and debits are coming.

Know what debits are coming up

You probably know roughly what comes in monthly. But what goes out? And when? Functions such as ‘Look Ahead’ in the ING Banking app and ‘Future’ in the Rabobank app help with this. This shows you which fixed debits and credits you can expect in the coming month. And whether you should be economical or whether you can enjoy shopping in Antwerp. ABN AMRO has a separate Grip app for this. With this app you ensure that you have more control over your expenses. This app is no longer usable or downloadable since December 16th. There’s a reason for that.

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New in the ABN AMRO app: ‘Future’

ABN AMRO is adding the most important functions from Grip to the ABN AMRO app. According to the bank, this allows customers to provide insight into their income and expenditure even more easily and quickly. For example, you now see one overview of all your subscriptions and fixed costs. In addition, there is the option to easily cancel subscription(s). You can also look ahead to the expected expenses for the coming month(s) in the ‘Future’ section. This gives you more insight into your personal financial situation.

Overview of the expected income and expenditure in the ABN AMRO app

Here’s what’s new in the ABN AMRO app:

  1. Get insights into the next 30 days. Go to ‘Future’ in the app to turn on and view the forecast. The prediction is based on your previous credits and debits.
  2. Customize ‘Future’ with the filter.
  3. A handy tab for each product category.
  4. Business account holders have extra options under ‘Profile’, including viewing and adjusting company data. You can also manage the legal representatives from the app.

ABN AMRO will continue to expand the ABN AMRO app step by step with the handy functions from the Grip app. What do you think of these new features in ABN AMRO’s mobile banking app? Are you going to use them? Let us know in the comments!

Best apps to save money

Do you have insight into your expected expenses for the coming month in the ABN AMRO app? Then take a look at the apps below. This saves you tons of money.



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