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This McDonalds eliminates human contact

We still see people behind the tills and counters in most restaurants. However, McDonald’s is now taking a different approach and is testing its first robot restaurant. The automated branch dispenses with human Contact.

Digitization does not stop at gastronomy either. Because: Many companies have already switched to digital payment methods. In some restaurants, orders are also placed via touchscreen terminals. But McDonalds is now going a step further and completely eliminates visible employees.

We are already quite used to placing orders via apps or terminals. Nevertheless, we still see employees at the checkout or when picking up our order. This human contact is now no longer necessary in a restaurant in Texas. Employees are only used to prepare the meals.

Automated McDonalds offering takeout orders

So it’s no wonder that the robot restaurant only offers takeaway orders. These are handed over to the customer either by a robot via the drive-in or by a conveyor belt. At the same time, the branch has a comparatively small area.

With the automated branch, McDonalds wants to eliminate human error while protecting its customers in the face of the pandemic. So far the project has been set up as a test.

The next few months will then show whether the concept will be accepted and to what extent the machines will have to be serviced. McDonald’s will only adapt the system worldwide if the concept is also financially worthwhile.

Different reactions to contactless restaurant

Meanwhile, the new robots are received differently by McDonald’s fans. While some are happy that they can place and pick up their order simply and easily, others see the use critically. Finally, the system eliminates jobs and revolutionizes the classic fast-food restaurant tradition.

Whether we will one day see the robot restaurant in Germany is questionable. It usually takes years before a new approach is tested and adapted. Another example are unstaffed supermarkets, which still haven’t really made it into our everyday lives. Nonetheless, the automated McDonalds remains an interesting concept.

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