This is why Xiaomi is blacklisted in the United States

Earlier this year, we announced that Chinese Xiaomi had been blacklisted by the United States. Many were surprised by this news, some even began to worry about the future of the brand. Another Chinese giant, Huawei, has a similar but much bigger problem, as it is even banned from using Google services on its smartphones. The Android Authority portal covered the topic.

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We later informed that the Chinese manufacturer was blacklisted, but it is not as serious as in the case of Huawei. Customers don’t have to worry. This is a document created by the US Department of Defense. Quite a number of other companies also passed through this list, and it did not have any significant impact on their existence. It is the Ministry of Defense that suspects that Xiaomi is communicating more closely with the Chinese military and could be a potential danger to the United States.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro | Source: Tomáš Kanálik

The main reason is the award for the director and founder of the company

New information has now emerged on this topic. The main reason why the manufacturer was on this list is the award given to the company’s co-founder and director, Lei Jun. In 2019, he received the “Outstanding Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” award. In translation, he was described as a “builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics”. The award was given to him by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The ministry did not forget to mention the company’s investments in technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence. And it is these circumstances that are the main reason why the company found itself on this list. Xiaomi, of course, denied any ties to the Chinese government or military.

Xiaomi defends herself

The Chinese company filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Defense in connection with the blacklisting. Its exact wording is not known. The purpose of the lawsuit is for the US authorities to amend the blacklisting decision, which blocks US investment in the company.

Do you think the US Department of State has taken the right step?

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