This is where the crypto dog really comes from

Cryptocurrencies are the financial trend of the past few years. Right at the forefront of the hustle and bustle around Bitcoin and Co. is also a crypto-coin, which was initially only intended as fun. This is also evident in the name “Dogecoin”. But where does the eponymous dog come from?

Dogecoin: How the cryptocurrency got on the dog

Fun can become serious so quickly – in this case, however, it’s not a bad thing, on the contrary: From the originally joking cryptocurrency “Dogecoin” has now become one of the most famous coins. This is also reflected in the exchange rate of the fun currency. This has increased since the beginning of the year – i.e. within just over 5 months over 10,000 percent, writes

Compared to the top dog Bitcoin, the value of just 0.44 US dollars (as of May 14) is still downright dwarfed. Nevertheless, the development is impressive for a crypto currency that was created out of joke and frenzy. After all Dogecoin thus makes it into the top 10 of the highest rated digital assets.

But what actually makes the Dogecoin? For many, it may even be the fun factor ahead of the value. Hopefully nobody makes a serious investment decision solely on the cute doggie snout of the Dogecoin – but that too should definitely play a role for some interested parties. But where does he come from, this dog who looks so coquettishly into the camera?

Shiba Inu made Dogecoin possible in the first place

First of all: the dog is a bitch. The cute Shiba Inu lady listens to the name Kabosu and lives in Japan, where the breed of dog originates from. Her owner is the Japanese kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato, who already 2010 posted pictures of her cute new companion on a personal blog. Kabosu had recently fetched her from the shelter, like The Verge reported.

About the meme database “Knowyourmeme” can be found outthat the photo of Kabosu was a few months later showed up on Reddit. This is where the hype began and the “Doge” meme emerged, which everyone who romps online now comes across all the time. Provided with phrases like “much wow” or variants of “very”, “so” or other adverbial phrases the doge meme can be used in many ways. It doesn’t always have to be Shiba lady Kabosu, other photogenic dogs are also used with pleasure. As can often be seen in the meme community, Doge deliberately uses the wrong English spelling (dog = dog).

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Viral trends: the recipe for success behind Dogecoin

Ultimately, the inventors of the Dogecoins are only jumped on a viral trainwhen they wanted to create a satire on Bitcoin in 2013. That this has meanwhile become serious is also shown by those who report on Dogecoin: Like them Sparkasse informed, the Dogecoin comes from software engineers Billy Markus from IBM and Jackson Palmer from Adobe. They wanted to react to the hype about the Bitcoin scene and simply combined two viral themes: Bitcoin and Doge memes became Dogecoin. In the meantime there is also a satire on satire: the Chinese Shiba-Inu-Coin.

By the way: Shiba lady Kabosu still lives in Japan with her mistress. She has now learned of the fame of her offspring, but according to The Verge was very surprised when she first encountered her old photo as a meme years later. She runs one for Kabosu Instagram channel, which is followed by almost 300,000 fans.

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