This is what you take with you when you go to the beach with your child

Where in the past only a bikini, towel and sunscreen was sufficient, as a mother you soon take half your household furniture with you to the beach. With this handy overview you won’t forget anything when you go to the coast with a child.


It’s an open door, but bring plenty of sunscreen. Put a high factor sunscreen in your bag and don’t forget a sun hat or UV clothing. With all that water and sand, clean clothes are also indispensable. With snout cleaners you can easily remove those grains of sand from your face.

– Sunscreen

– Dry clothes + underwear

– Swimwear

– Sun cap or cap

– Snout cleaners

– Sunglasses (for yourself and your child)

– Slippers or water shoes

– (Swimming) diapers

– Wipes

– Hydrophilic cloth

– Optional: UV clothing


Swimming and playing on the beach makes you hungry and thirsty. So take enough food and drink with you. Stay away from chocolate and pre-cut fruit, because that will get sticky. Better take some bananas or apples with you.


– Water

– Drinking packets

– Fruit or vegetables

– Biscuits or crackers

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Although many children enjoy themselves with some shells, it is still useful to take toys with them. Are you going with several children? Then take enough buckets and spades with you, because admittedly: no one wants children’s quarrels in the bloody heat.


– Buckets, shovels and molds

– Beach ball

– Armbands


A beach towel or rug is of course so comfortable. Throw an umbrella or windshield in the car so you can sit in the shade. Does your child like to run in all directions? Put on a wristband with a telephone number just to be sure. Finally, a pushchair is useful for the stretch from the parking lot to the beach, all the way back.


– Beach towels

– Parasol, screen or beach tent

– Wristband with phone number

– Buggy or baby carrier

– Garbage bag or plastic bag for waste

– Stuff for yourself

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