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Especially in the current phase, when interest rates are rising again and the end of inflation is not in sight, many do not want to leave the money in the current account or the overnight money account, where it quickly loses value. A possible alternative are stocks and ETFs, with which a higher return is possible. For this reason, we introduce you to Freedom24 and show you everything you need to know about the online broker need to know.

What is Freedom24?

Freedom24 is an international online broker where you can trade stocks and ETFs, among other things. The broker is the European subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed Freedom Holding Corp. This was founded in 2008 and is subject to a total of three supervisory authorities (CySEC, BaFin and SEC).

You have a wide range of instruments at your disposal: stocks, ETFs and stock options on the US, EU and Asian markets. In addition, Freedom24 offers you the exclusive opportunity to buy new shares at the issue price with an average return of 53 percent in three months. (Status: January 2023)

You also have the option of opening a D account at Freedom24. This is a fixed income sub-account that earns you 3 percent interest per year in USD, on a daily basis.

How much does Freedom24 cost?

A big advantage of Freedom24 is the transparent and affordable trading fees for access to American, European and Asian exchanges. The broker currently offers the lowest commission in Europe for US stock options ($0.65 per contract).

If you currently register on the Freedom24 platform, you will pay 0 percent commission for the first 30 days! After the campaign month, the costs per order start at 1.2 euros. In addition, you currently get bonus points worth 200 euros if you transfer your shares worth more than 20,000 euros from another European broker to an account with Freedom24. The bonus points are then used to reimburse trading fees.

How do I get new shares at issue price?

As already mentioned, you can secure new shares at Freedom24 at the issue price. In the following we will show you the six steps that are necessary for this.

  1. Sign up on the website and verify your account at Freedom24 by presenting two documents (ID and proof of address).
  2. Fund your account by card or bank transfer.
  3. Check out the About IPOs page and select one of the eligible companies to buy shares at the issue price in your personal space (Freedom24 is constantly adding new companies).
  4. Apply for at least $2,000 worth of stock in the chosen company (the higher the amount, the more stock in the new company you get).
  5. After the IPO, your application will be (partially) executed. The remaining (unused) funds from the application will be immediately returned to your account balance
  6. On the first trading day you will receive the shares at the issue price.

Conclusion: These are the advantages of Freedom24

Freedom24 is an international online broker that is subject to supervision by three different supervisory authorities, including BaFin. The broker offers low fees and different tariffs, where there is something suitable for everyone.

the Registration on the site is free and non-binding. You currently pay 0 percent commission in the first 30 days and can test the wide range of offers, for example buying new shares at the issue price. Even beginners will find helpful answers to the most important questions on the blog or in the FAQ area.

Investing in stocks and ETFs always involves risk. For this reason, it is important to obtain detailed information before investing. The purchase of shares at the issue price may be associated with additional restrictions. Forecasts or past performance are not a guarantee of future results.

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