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this is what you do to save money

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35% of our readers regularly worry whether they can make ends meet: that came from Kek Mama’s Big Money Survey. Quite a big number and we understand that well in current times. That’s why these saving tips that fellow mothers gave in response to the survey: take advantage of it.

What are you doing to cut costs?

  • I limit driving as much as possible and jump on my bike more often
  • I check giveaway corners and free collect sites, sometimes I can use it, sometimes I fix it up and sell it for extra pocket money
  • No more luxury than pedicure and nails
  • I buy less fritters for the house

“I look at free download sites, sometimes I fix it up and sell it for extra pocket money”

  • We have a heat pump and solar panels
  • Finally quit smoking, healthier and save a lot of money
  • I only buy diapers on offer and then immediately a whole bulk
  • I cook twice as much, saves a day of electricity
  • We avoid the liquor store

“I cook twice as much, saves electricity for a day”

  • We make old-fashioned budgets for the various expenses
  • Instead of the central heating, the fireplace is turned on more often
  • We do our shopping at discounters and I check brochures
  • Pick up less food
  • I took a course to gain a better understanding of my finances

“Buy more second-hand clothes, children grow out of them so quickly”

  • Buy more second-hand clothes, children grow out of them so quickly
  • Bought seeds to grow fruit and vegetables yourself
  • More often on the knees for B brands at the bottom of the shelf
  • Allowing my baby to eat with the pot as much as possible
  • I make my own detergent, you can find the recipe on the internet

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What readers say about money

  • You can only spend money once
  • Money is not the most important thing in life, but you need it to live on
  • It is better to save in advance than to borrow afterwards
  • Money is available, but not a bottomless pit
  • Money doesn’t make happiness, but it does make it easier

“Spending money once means thinking twice”

  • Money must flow
  • Never spend your last dime
  • I tell my children that they should be financially independent when they grow up: be your own sugar daddy
  • Do your best at school = good job = good income
  • Wishes cost money, save for what you want most
  • Spending money once is thinking twice
  • Happiness and health cannot be bought, for the rest you really have to work yourself

“Spend your money on experiences, not stuff”

  • There are more important things in life than money
  • My mother always sighed that she didn’t have a money tree in the garden, 25 years later I tell my own children that money doesn’t grow on trees
  • You should enjoy what you have, but setting aside a little bit is wise
  • Spend your money on experiences, not stuff
  • Saving is earning

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